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Welcome to my Mauritania page

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania from June, 2003, to August, 2005. Mauritania is an African country situated on the Atlantic coast of the continent between Morocco and Senegal. After undergoing 3 months of training (known as stage in francophone countries like Mauritania) in the city of Kaedi, I was sent to Nouakchott, the capital. I was an information and communications technology (ICT) volunteer, which is a subsection of small enterprise development (SED). I was involved in a variety of projects over the course of my service, including: consulting with national and international organizations on the use of technology; building databases for micro-finance organizations; providing technical support to a group of rural computer centers; and teaching a variety of computer skills to Mauritanians.

If your interested in a peek at my life in Mauritania, I've created a few slide shows with pictures and descriptions of the experience.


Carl Strolle
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updated September 30, 2005